The first Total Implant System Patent issued since the 1938 Adams Patent.

It took 7 years and a hearing to demonstrate the unique claims.


A dental implant apparatus consisting of an auger-like lower threaded portion that is screwed into the bone. It includes a divergent intermediate collar with mini-threads for engaging the cortical bone, and a tapered abutment for fixed tooth replacement or a ball-like snap attachment to secure removable dentures. The apical end of the device has a tapered portion with a blunt tip that condenses the medullar bone, which in combination with the divergent collar engaging and wedging into the cortical bone, provides a dual stabilization structure that can be immediately loaded or placed in light function by cementing on a temporary crown or bridge or by lightly attaching a removable full or partial denture.

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Designed and Manufactured in the USA
ISO 13485:2003 - CMDCAS

Distributed in Canada by Surgical Link

Distributed in Canada
by Surgical Link Inc.