OCO Biomedical Two Stage ImplantMacro™ Implant

(Wide Diameter, Short Length Implant)

Macro™ Two Piece ImplantThe Macro™ is a wide diameter/short length implant with advanced placement and stability features designed to avoid the maxillary sinus and inferior alveolar nerve. Designed for partially edentulous cases, the Macro features OCO’s patented Bull Nose Auger™ tip and Embedded Tapered Platform™ designed to enhance Osseous Fixation™.

Macro™ implants minimize the need for additional grafting or sinus augmentation procedures and require no bone taps or complicated threading.

Perfect for sinus and Nerve Avoidance

Protocol and Procedure

Macro™ Protocol and Procedure

Whether placing, restoring or simply choosing the correct Two Stage Implant,
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