OCO Advantage

The unique body design coupled with a minimally invasive placement procedure creates tension (not pressure) on the bone at placement. Current dental implant designs are either tapered and pressure threaded into the osteotomy (which can lead to pressure necrosis if over torqued), or are parallel walled implants that feature a passive placement into the prepared osteotomy.

OCO Biomedical innovative, reliable, versatile, cost effective, simple dental implants can be utilized for a variety of implant needs.
Affordable Dental Implants ImageWith the innovative Dual Stabilization® combination of our patented Bull Nose Auger™ tip, Mini Cortic-O Thread™ and Machined Divergent Platform, OCO Biomedical implants fixate into the bone providing high initial stability and allow to immediately load and provisionalize. The self tapping thread pattern and pitch purposely designed to maximize bone to thread contact.

OCO Biomedical implant systems can be utilized for a variety of implant needs. Our implant design employs one implant body design to predictably work in all areas of the mouth. Logical ProgressionWith the OCO Biomedical System, it is easy to progress from Mini: I-Micro or I-Minito full size One-Piece: ISI or Two-Stage implants: TSI, ERI, Macro for virtually any implant indication using the same simple, reliable placement protocol.
  • Specially designed for selective loading or Immediate loading;
  • Platform Switching Capabilities;
  • Engage Prosthetics are compatible with: Zimmer Tapered Screw Vent®; Implant Direct Legacy™; BioHorizons®; MIS® Implants;
  • OCO Biomedical's Mini Implants are engineered to be compatible with Imtec® & Intra-lock® Mini Implant instrumentation.


OCO Biomedical implants offer exceptionally high implant stability at placement which is a critical success factor during the early healing process of osseointegration. All of OCO Biomedical's dental implants have an unchallenged reported success rate (greater than 99%) since 2002.
All OCO Biomedical implants are designed, manufactured and packaged in the U.S. allowing us to provide the most exacting industry standards. OCO Biomedical implants are so well engineered and efficiently manufactured that they cost a fraction of what the largest companies charge.
Confusion Free coordination of implants and prosthetics
"All Inclusive Packaging".